bwin体育, 我们的承诺是为我们所有的学生提供丰富的世界机会, 比如我们的留学或交流项目. Centre actively seeks to provide opportunities for students from other countries to come to our college and welcome them into our college community.


•交通:机场班车 & 当地的航天飞机
•健康 & 咨询服务


bwin体育拥有遍布全球的强大校友网络, 随着我们校园里国际学生人数的增长, 我们的国际校友也是如此! 所有bwin体育毕业生, 你可以请求连接上校, our alumni directory that can put you in contact with fellow Colonels based on factors such as region, 类一年, 或目录. Prospective students can be on the lookout for events hosted by Centre alumni in their general area. 还有世界社会bwin体育, an annual event hosted throughout the world that brings Centre alumni together to celebrate their alma mater.


International students are eligible to work on-campus for up to twenty hours per week while school is in session and forty hours per week during holidays without special approval and without applying for OPT (Optional Practical Training). 校园里的工作有时很难找到, 然而, 任何学生都不应该认为他们能够在校园里工作. No international student may accept an internship or job off-campus without applying for OPT (job) or CPT (internship).

打工的学生需要申请社会安全号码. This can be done at the local Social Security Office; trips to this office will be provided for international students during the first few weeks of the fall term.

是的! 所有的学生都被鼓励参加校园里的任何俱乐部或组织. Participation in 课外活动 is a great way for international students to connect with their fellow peers outside of the classroom. 除了希腊组织, Centre offers a wide variety of clubs that fall under several categories: academic and professional, 文化, 政府, 荣誉的社会, 表演艺术, 政治, 服务与社会意识, 精神和宗教, 体育及康乐活动, 以及学生媒体和出版物. EXPO during the first week of classes is a great time to get information about any club or organization you have interest in.

This program was created to help integrate international students into all aspects of Centre life, 包括课堂学习, 课外活动, 校园组织, and more; to create an atmosphere of support—academically, 在文化上, and personally—for new international students; and to provide new international students with a fellow student’s perspective on both academic and personal life at Centre.

在校园的第一个学期, each international student will meet with their student mentor at least once a week whether it is for a meal, 一个康沃变频器, 当地郊游, 或者其他活动. 圣诞节后, 学生与导师见面的次数很可能会减少, although all are welcome and encouraged to spend as much time with their mentors as they would like. The student mentors are fellow students who truly want to get to know Centre’s international students and help them in any way possible.

这个项目旨在向国际学生介绍美国家庭生活. 虽然bwin体育的学生不会和寄宿家庭住在一起, 他们将有机会与他们共度时光, 无论是在吃饭的时候, 当地的活动, 或者其他活动.

寄宿家庭从bwin体育学院社区中选择, 比如大学教员, 以及更大的丹维尔社区. Pairings are made during the summer based on questionnaires answered by both the international students and the potential host families in order to take into account both parties’ preferences. More information on the Host Family Program will be provided to accepted International Students during the summer and New International Student Orientation.

We acknowledge the difficulties of studying far from home in college and we are committed to providing a variety of services and supportive structures. Our Parsons Student Health Services provides professional resources in a walk-in clinic style. International students are also highly encouraged to speak with the International Student Advisor, 斯蒂芬·斯旺, 位于老卡内基以及校园里的其他教员. The Host Family Program and the Student Mentor Program can also serve as additional forms of support.

Centre is a top-50 liberal arts college with professors dedicated to encouraging and challenging students academically. 有40多个专业和辅修专业, 鼓励学生选修双专业或辅修, 以及参加实习, 合作研究项目, 以及出国留学旅行. International students can expect smaller-sized classrooms that foster class discussion and participation. 为了获得一对一的建议,教授们每周都有固定的办公时间. 有关学术问题的指导, 比如班级选择, 每个学生将有一个学术顾问. 如果你担心你的英语水平, 我们的语言专家, 肖恩费海提, 在办公时间提供一对一的帮助,并主持每周的谈话小组.

bwin体育实行4-1-4学期计划. 秋季学期和春季学期有两个完整的学期. 在这些完整的学期之间,我们有一个一月学期,或“bwin体育学期”。. 在这个大约三周的短学期中, students are offered both classes that pertain to their majors and minors as well as exciting and unusual classes that are not regularly offered over the regular semesters. 这个较短的学期是每天花三个小时参加这门课程, 每一天, 这样学生才能获得3个小时的学分. CentreTerm is also a wonderful time to study abroad as there are many trips not regularly offered during the full semesters.

bwin体育提供各种膳食计划, all of which include weekly swipes to be used in the Cowan 餐厅 Hall and flex dollars that can be used at the Everyday Cafe or the Hall of Fame Cafe. 考恩食堂提供各种各样的食物和站在一个所有你能吃的风格. 每月, the International Student Association (ISA) hosts a “Country of the Month”-themed night in which the dining hall serves several dishes inspired by that country. In addition to the dining hall, there is also the Everyday Cafe and the Hall of Fame Cafe. 如上所述,丹维尔和周边城市提供各种各样的餐馆. International students also enjoy communal kitchens in every dorm where they can prepare their favorite foods for themselves or to share with others. 

丹维尔是一个迷人的小镇,提供了城市和小镇生活的好处. Danville is unusual in that it offers much of what you’d expect to find in a big city: Fortune 500 companies; a major medical complex; a variety of dining options from fast food to bistros to full-service restaurants with bars. And with Centre’s 诺顿艺术bwin体育, Danville presents world-class entertainment. 同时, many international students have found the small-town atmosphere perfect for studying and focusing on academics.

除了丹维尔提供的一切, bwin体育距离列克星敦不到一个小时的路程, 肯塔基州第二大城市,也是“世界马都”.” This city adds endless options for students whenever they want to venture out from Danville and Centre’s campus. 肯塔基州, 在一般情况下, 提供自然美景,可以享受整个四季, 世界著名的赛马赛事, 这是世界上最著名的洞穴系统,位于猛犸洞穴国家公园内, 和丰富的历史独特的文化和音乐.


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